Missing Tombs Part 1: Wonderful Things and Pharaoh’s Revenge: a brand new Pyramid with an intact(?) burial chamber

In 2017 a previously unknown pyramid was discovered at the south eastern extent of the site of Dahshur. The superstructure had not survived but a fine white limestone pavement made it clear that a pyramid had once stood on the spot, and in the centre, three very large blocks of hard stone, of the kind often found sealing the burial chamber of such monuments, appeared not to have been disturbed. In May 2017 the first of these stone was removed revealing the identity of the owner and the remains of their grave goods.


Missing Tombs Part 2: Burial, reburial, removal and repurposing: what on Earth was going on at the end of the Amarna Period?

Akhenaten was buried at Amarna wasn’t he? Well in that case whose mummy was it that was found in KV 55? And where was Nefertiti buried? There’s no evidence of her interment at Amarna, but her burial equipment seems to have been extensively plundered for use by Tutankhamun… The Valley of the Kings hasn’t yet been completely excavated… What might still be there?


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