New Discoveries about the Royal Game of Ur

Irving is at last deeply immersed in writing a large book about the Royal Game of Ur and has made new discoveries in the process which could hardly have been anticipated. For example, Ashurbanipal v. Shamash-shum-ukin playing on their nursery floor at Nineveh…

Thinking Outside the Box: object + text = discovery

This talk will report on a joint archaeological/textual investigation carried out by the author with his colleague Alexandra Fletcher of the famous Sun God Tablet and its Box, familiar Mesopotamian landmarks in the British Museum for nearly 150 years. Using old records, new ideas and innovative procedures we have virtually re-written its origin, history and significance.

Irving Finkel was appointed Assistant Keeper in the British Museum in 1979.  In addition to reading all types of cuneiform texts he works on the history of board games.

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